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Commercial Solutions & Business Services Launceston

Business Solutions of Outstanding Merit!

Our Merit Commercial Solutions team can help you with a range of business needs.  We are your extra pair of hands when you need to get the work out the door fast.

Our skilled, hard-working team will produce high quality products to meet your very tight deadlines.

Is it fiddly work? Do you have a lot of it? Are you overwhelmed? Then our team can help.

If you have any print finishing, mailing or assembly task that you think might be suitable, please make an enquiry and we’ll provide you with an obligation free quote.

Mailing and Packaging

We provide a professional mailing service to many businesses and pride ourselves on our quality and the ability to get the job out on time.

Our range of mailing services include:

  • Printing: We can print out your coversheets, labels, statements, etc.
  • Folding: Folded to your specifications
  • Enveloping/Bagging: Any envelope size, window faced and plain or into plastic bags (magazines, etc)
  • Labelling: We can affix address labels or stamp with reply paid, etc.
  • Heat sealing: We have equipment available to heat seal your bagged items for secure mailing
  • Collating: We can collate your mailout into states & countries ready for the mail centre

We can also arrange paperwork and delivery of your completed mailout to the Australia Post Mail Centre to go on your postal account.

Print Finishing

We offer a complete print finishing service to individuals, businesses or commercial printers. Why not get us to do the tedious “finishing off” jobs for the project like:

  • Assembling flat pack folders
  • Adhering edges with double sided tape or glue
  • Affixing attachments (like magnets, stickers, labels, etc)
  • Folding brochures (we can do that intricate fold that the machine can’t handle)

Document Destruction

Self Help Workplace provides a shredding service that can help to clear out your store room and rid you off that dusty old pile of  papers that are accumulating in the office or the shed. We can disassemble material from binders and folders and shred old receipt books, diaries and reports.

Self Help Workplace takes privacy very seriously and has a strict Privacy Policy in place. We will treat your information with respect and confidentiality.

All of our employees and staff have signed a privacy declaration.

You can drop your boxed or bagged papers in to our office in Youngtown or, if you live or work in the greater Launceston area, we can deliver a 240 or 120 litre secure wheelie bin to your home or office and pick it up when you are ready.  Click for full terms and conditions

Contact us to get a quote.

What happens to your documents?

Our team prepare your documents by removing all folders, clips, hard covers and fasteners.
Your documents are then 1/2 inch ribbon shredded in our industrial shredder and compact baled for additional security.
Completed bales are on sold to a paper recycler where they are prepared for repurposing into paper towel or other recycled paper products.


Product Assembly

Limited only by your imagination, we can quote on assembling any products.  Some of our past and current jobs include (but are definitely not limited to):

  • Assembling battery terminals
  • Tying string on swing tags
  • Show & Expo bag assembly
  • Flat pack box assembly
  • Lolly bag assembly
  • Product sample folder assembly (carpet swatches, lino, material, wood panel, etc)
  • Pick and pack online orders

Help us by providing our employees with meaningful work and help yourself by saving the time and money spent on  high paid staff members to complete the same task.


Cleaning Rags

We supply various types of cleaning rags to suit a range of cleaning needs. These rags are recycled from clothing and items donated to the Encore Clothing store. We separate cleaning rags into coloured T-shirts, white T-shirts, flannelette, towelling and mixed cotton.

Coloured T-shirt 10kg $30.00
White T-shirt 10kg $40.00
Flannelette 10kg $40.00
Towelling 10kg $40.00
Mixed cotton* 1.5kg $4.00

*The 1.5kg  bags are made to order and can be provided with the retailer logo and company name on the label if required.

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Our team provides people with disability with meaningful employment while providing you with affordable commercial solutions

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