About Us

Dedicated to Creating a Supportive, Sustainable Workplace

Self Help Workplace is a proud social enterprise committed to providing people with disability with meaningful and productive employment so they can enjoy independent and fulfilling lives.

Meaningful employment at Self Help Workplace means that people with disability are trained and supported so they can provide you with quality products at competitive prices delivered in full and on time

We have found that the best way to do this is to run a strong, viable and independent enterprise where our team provides quality products and services at competitive prices delivered in full and on time.

We are proud to be a respected and valued part of the community in northern Tasmania.

In order to support our mission, our staff and directors create a supportive workplace which empowers people with disabilities to take pride in their work, celebrate their achievements and produce quality products and services. They undertake this role through strategic planning to sustain the future of our organisation and facilitating day-to-day business operations, all with the goal of increasing the amount of support we can provide to people with a disability.

Staff & Directors


Our staff and board of directors dedicate their time towards making our defining mission possible.

Their contribution helps to maintain our successful position as a strong social enterprise delivering outcomes for our employees with a disability, who work very hard to provide quality goods and services to businesses throughout Tasmania and Victoria.

This continued success allows us to identify growth areas to expand our support of local people with a disability.

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