Bus Hire Terms & Conditions

Self Help Workplace Bus – Conditions of Casual Hire

  1. The hirer must provide their own driver
  2. The driver must hold the appropriate licence to operate the bus (light rigid).
  3. All drivers must hold a full licence and be 25 years old or over. The driver is required to provide the Self Help Workplace with a copy of a current licence.
  4. The driver will be required to have their licence sighted each and every time the user signs out the bus.
  5. The bus seats 24 passengers and one driver. It is illegal to carry more people. It is the driver’s responsibility to enforce this regulation.
  6. Rental is payable in advance for non-credit customers.
  7. Any bus hire bookings cancelled with less than 36 hours’ notice will incur the full fee of $150.00
  8. Bus is to be refuelled to full before returning. If the bus is not refuelled you will be charged at the full bowser rate plus a 15% surcharge for us to refill.
  9. Users are responsible for leaving the bus clean, neat and tidy or cleaning charges may be applied.
  10. The hirer will complete and return the bus condition report when picking up the keys for the vehicle.
  11. All reasonable steps should be taken to protect the property from damage. Any damage to the inside or outside of the vehicle must be reported immediately to Self Help Workplace (6344 7133 or AH 0419 442 868).
  12. In the event of damage to the bus, the hirer will be responsible for repair costs.
  13. The consumption of alcohol and smoking on the bus are strictly prohibited.
  14. If an accident does occur in the bus, the driver MUST report it immediately (per clause 11) and complete an Incident Report within 24 hours.
  15. The hirer and driver shall be responsible for and ensure that the behaviour of the passengers of the bus is appropriate.
  16. Any use or behaviour which brings the reputation of Self Help Workplace into disrepute may result in immediate and complete withdrawal of hiring rights.
  17. It is the driver’s a responsibility to abide by all Tasmanian and Australian Road Rules. Any infringements will be at the cost of the driver.
  18. The bus must be returned and parked at Self Help Workplace behind the locked gate.
  19. The keys must be placed in the overnight box or returned to Self Help Workplace at the next business day. The hirer will pay the cost of replacing any lost keys.
  20. Self Help Workplace will take no responsibility for the user’s property whilst in the bus.
  21. The bus is to be used for the activity specified at the time of booking. It is not to be used for personal transport.
  22. All tolls and other incidental costs will be the responsibility of the hirer.
  23. Failure to comply with any of these conditions could result in immediate and complete withdrawal of hiring rights.

Lost and Found: If any items are found on the bus after the hire, Self Help Workplace will make all reasonable attempts to contact the hirer. If the items are not collected within 30 days of hire, Self Help Workplace will dispose of the items.

Summary of Fees
Daily Hire Fee $150.00
Cancellation Fee (per clause 7) $150.00
Fuel (per clause 8)