Security Shredding

Do you have mountains of old files in your archives that you just don't have time to destroy?

Do you have old staff or account files that need to be shredded for security?

Self Help Workplace provides a secure shredding service that can help to clear out your store room and rid you the burden of a mundane task for a very low cost.

Self Help Workplace takes privacy very seriously and has a strict Privacy Policy in place. We will treat your information with respect and confidentiality.

All of our employees and staff have signed a privacy declaration and, as added security, employees delegated to the task of security shredding have low on no literacy skills to further protect the integrity of your documents.

What happens to your documents?

Our team prepare your documents by removing all folders, clips and fasteners.

Your documents are then ribbon shredded in our industrial shredder and compact baled for additional security.

Completed bales are on sold to JJ Richards where they are prepared for re-purposing into paper towel.


Lockable Security Bins - Delivered and collected on request

  • 240 litre Bin $70.00

  • 120 litre Bin $40.00

Incidental Shredding - Delivered to our site

  • Archive Box $20.00

  • Paper Ream Box* $10.00

* Smaller quantities are also gladly accepted and will be charged at a pro-rata rate.


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