Self Help Workplace would like to extend thanks to the following Donors and Sponsors who have recently supported us through financial contributions and in kind support. We would also like to extend our gratitude to the many other supporters, too extensive to list, who have helped our organisation over the years. Without your help, Self Help Workplace would not be the wonderful organisation it is today.


Project, Program or Item

Supported by

Rag Cutting Machine

RACT Community Fund



Robert Fergusson Foundation


Life Skills Program

Bruce Wall Foundation



Project, Program or Item

Supported by

Yard Maintenance Equipment

Funded by the Community Support Levy through the Tasmanian Government


Shredder & Baler

Tasmanian Community Fund


Shredder & Baler

Bruce Wall Foundation


Secure shredding bins

Bell Bay Aluminium Community Grants 

Bulk clothing donation

Ashley Youth Detention Centre


Heat binding equipment

Meander Valley Council 

Waste Concession

City of Launceston

IT Services

Your IT Dept


Safety Initiatives

Impact Fertilisers


Recycle Bins

Northern Tasmanian Waste Management Group  

Electronic Literacy Program

City of Launceston


Electronic Whiteboard



Life Skills Program

Bruce Wall Foundation


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Fax:     (03) 6343 0651 

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